Autumn has finally arrived.

I know, in theory we entered autumn a month ago, but with these recent heats (the well-known veroño) we were basically still in summer.

For me, fall is one of the best times of the year. I'm not very hot, I enjoy it. Walks through the mountains in the rain, falling leaves and putting on my sweater give me a certain pleasure.

Although these early autumn days are a bit dizzying, it is cold in the mornings, hot at midday and cool again at night. One day we have splendid sunshine and the next it rains non-stop.

With so much contrast in temperatures, changes and humidity, the skin begins to suffer. You can immediately notice the reddish and dry area of ​​the cheeks. The face is tight, a little stiff. Does it happen to you too?

Just like when you skate, you also need balance in your skin, to keep it stable and cope with contrasts.

I'll tell you what works for me at this time.


Men's skin care when temperatures drop - in autumn


1. Protected lips

Lips become very dry this season, causing dryness, cracks and uncomfortable wounds. So it is best to prevent it by keeping them hydrated.

After trying many, this lip balm from Dr. Hauschka (like what we make at Backture Organics, natural and organic) is my favorite. Get rid of the typical Vaseline that is full of petroleum and you are constantly eating it.


2. Protective shield

Nutrition and hydration of the skin play an important role at this time . To be able to cope with temperature contrasts and act as a protective shield.

For this, you already know that I am going to recommend our Nourishing Serum and our moisturizing cream for men (also known as the ANTI-AGING DUO ).

The sesame seed, olive oil and St. John's wort contained in THE POTION serum specially designed for men's skin. They help you maintain the balance of the skin and cope with the daily aggressions of male skin (wind, cold, pollution...).

Thanks to its contribution of vitamin E , it deeply hydrates the skin, revitalizes it and protects it from the sun's radiation. Due to its high content of vitamin A and K that help protect the skin from inclement weather (cold, heat...) and vitamin D that calms inflammation.


ALL TERRAIN men's facial moisturizing cream with apricot kernels and almonds, perfect for hydrated and soft skin.

Due to its contribution of vitamin A, B1, B2 and B6, linoleic acid and omega 6 that reduce inflammation and calm skin irritations, hydrate and soften all skin types. Providing light to the dullest and most withered hair without leaving excess fat.

For this time, I recommend that you double your efforts , using them both in the morning and at night (with your face always clean, as I told you in this article .)

3. Head to shelter

Above all, if you have no hair - remember that the skin also extends there - or very short. You can say that I am an official ambassador of the wool hat. It's the only supplement I prescribe to all my friends and the one I use the most (even if it's not freezing cold).

Use soft fabrics like this Merino Wool one .

I also suggest that you put a few drops of our nourishing serum for men's skin. To nourish the scalp and keep the skin in the area (especially if you don't have hair) balanced and protected.

How to keep men's skin balanced in autumn, when temperatures drop. Male skin care

October 31, 2023