In the pursuit of healthy, fresh-looking skin, many men are beginning to pay more attention to the products they apply daily to their face and body.

Although the market offers a wide variety of options, not all cosmetics are beneficial for our skin or our health in general. In fact, some products contain ingredients that can be harmful in the long term.



Our goal is to provide you with an initial guide on the ingredients you should avoid in your men's cosmetics. We want to help you make informed decisions so you can take care of yourself from the inside, choosing products that not only improve your appearance but also respect your health and well-being.

1. Dimethicone

Dimethicone is one of the most used silicones in the cosmetic industry. Its main function is to create a superficial film around the skin, providing a "false hydration" effect known as the occlusive effect.

This means that, although the skin may feel soft and smooth, it is not actually being deeply hydrated.

Dimethicone is very common in creams and serums , so it is important to check the labels of these products and consider more natural alternatives that allow the skin to breathe and stay truly hydrated.


2. Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

Sodium Laureth Sulfate, commonly known as SLES, is an anionic sulfate used in cosmetics for its detergent properties, acting as a foaming agent.

It is produced from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) through a chemical process called ethoxylation, which is highly polluting. In addition to its environmental impact, SLES can irritate the skin and destroy its natural lipid mantle, which can lead to dermatitis and sensitization.

This ingredient is very common in facial cleansers and body washes, so opting for sulfate-free products may be a better choice for those with sensitive skin or pre-existing skin conditions.



3. Paraffins

Paraffins are mineral oils derived from the petrochemical industry, known for their occlusive and comedogenic effect, meaning they can clog pores and cause acne breakouts. Paraffins may appear on labels under different names, such as Mineral Oil, Paraffinum Liquidum, Light Mineral Oil, Liquid Paraffin, Liquid Petrolatum, Paraffin Liquid, Paraffinum Subliquidum, and Liquid Vaseline.

Avoiding products containing these ingredients can help maintain cleaner, healthier skin, allowing it to breathe properly and preventing the buildup of petrochemical residues.


4. Parfum (Fragrance)

Under the term "Parfum" or "Fragrance" more than 3,000 different compounds can be hidden, masked by the synthetic fragrance of the product. Many of these ingredients are highly allergenic and can cause adverse skin reactions, especially in people with known sensitivities or allergies. Opting for unscented or naturally scented products is a great way to reduce the risk of irritation and protect the health of your skin.


These are just some of the ingredients you should avoid in your cosmetics.

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We will tell you more about ingredients so you can know what you put on your skin and make informed decisions.

Remember, self-care is not just about appearance, but also about health. Follow us on this journey towards healthier skin and comprehensive well-being!

June 07, 2024