“There has to be something similar for men…”

And it turns out there wasn't.

This phrase marks the beginnings of Backture Organics and the story of why the founder of a creative studio and a physical education teacher decide to embark on the adventure of creating a sustainable cosmetics brand.

This is us, Naiara and Iñaki. Since we couldn't find a natural male beauty routine that convinced us, we decided to create it and here we are.

Today we come to tell you about us, the people behind Backture organics and how we decided to start this project.

We were walking through the fields, close to home. It was winter and it was cold.



This is us on those winter rides.

Until then we "shared" beauty products (yes, in addition to partners, we are also a couple). Iñaki began to regret not having his own products and always ending up smelling of roses and jasmine, Naiara that hers ran out before their time.

So we look for a male version. The requirements? That it needed to be sustainable, made with natural ingredients and that its aromas were masculine.

We couldn't find it.

The next thing was a “what if…?”. The rest is history.

Backture Organics has been built over 1 and a half years of outdoor walks to be the organic men's beauty brand we were looking for but couldn't find.

That being the case, how could it not be linked to nature?


Learn more about each of us here .

October 22, 2022