The very famous actor Brad Pitt has recently entered his 60s, and despite his age, he looks younger every day. This has led us to wonder, what does he do to look this good? Is there anything we "normal men" can do to stay this young and attractive?


Brad Pitt's minimalist secret to look better every day, and that you can also apply for a youthful face

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We are not going to lie to ourselves, every time we see this man on TV or in any of his movies we wonder how he does it. And we all want to be that iconic sexy mature man who wears wrinkles with style and elegance. With confidence and sex appeal like him.

The answer is yes. And Brad Pitt himself has made public his minimalist secret to looking better every day. In an intimate interview for Vogue magazine, the actor confessed that "My routine is very simple. When I get up, I wash my face, put on the serum and finish with the cream. At night I do the same and that's it!" . You see, the secret for Brad Pitt's eternal youth is nothing more than a facial routine that any ordinary man can replicate at home in a few minutes a day.


Brad Pitt's minimalist secret to look better every day, and that you can also apply for a youthful face


Believe it or not, you don't need to fill your bathroom drawer with thousands of skincare products. You don't need a complicated 10-step routine with an instruction manual.

The key is in the 3. Your skincare routine for men only needs 3 products, 3 steps and 3 minutes a day, to look better than ever. With this rule of 3 you will notice your skin soft, hydrated and in its full splendor.


Now you may be wondering, how do I replicate that minimalist routine in my daily life?

At Backture Organics we make it easy for you with our complete facial routine for men. A facial care pack for men's skin where you will find:

  • RESET, an organic facial cleanser. That cleanses the skin deeply without drying it out.
  • THE POTION, a multifunction nourishing serum. That calms and repairs the skin, nourishing it from the deepest layers.
  • ALL TERRAIN, a natural anti-wrinkle moisturizing cream. For soft, hydrated and smooth skin.

With this skincare pack specially formulated for men's skin, you will recover the natural vitality of your skin. Thanks to the purest organic ingredients concentrated in 3 products that will make you feel comfortable with yourself and who you are.

Its application is so simple that turning skincare into a routine and part of your daily life will be a piece of cake.


Brad Pitt's minimalist secret to look better every day, and that you can also apply for a youthful face


To start, simply wet your face with water and apply 3-4 pumps of cleanser to the palm of your hand and spread it over your skin in gentle circular motions. Rinse without fear with water.

After cleansing your face, dry it gently with a towel. Next, pour 3-5 drops of the serum onto the palm of your hand. Then rub both palms together gently to warm the serum. This puts the active ingredients of the formula to work and obtains all its benefits.

Now go on to apply the serum: first cheeks, then forehead and so on until you apply them all over your face. Don't forget the neck!

Finally, apply the cream as the last step in your men's facial routine. To do this, take the size of cream equivalent to a chickpea and spread it with a finger on your forehead, cheeks and chin. Finish by spreading over the face with your fingertips from the center to the outside.

And you're ready to face the day with confidence. Repeat the routine at night and in a few weeks you will look rejuvenated and with healthy, beautiful and attractive skin.

February 26, 2024