Tricks to repair your skin after sun exposure


Surely after a summer full of sun exposure, salt water and pool chlorine (and a couple of too many beers), you have noticed your skin a little damaged . It is the most normal thing, and don't worry, because it is possible to repair and revitalize your skin after these days of excess ­čśë .

Now that September is approaching, and with it the return to routine, we all like to look good, but above all, to be seen (again) good (or even better than when we left).

So, here are my tips to get your skin back (and not all related to products):

  1. We all know it, but we don't always do it. Drinking plenty of water is vital for the skin. As well as eating fruits and vegetables to balance those excesses (which we have all done). Moisturizing and nourishing on the inside is noticeable on the outside.
  2. Recover your sleep routine .
  3. Cleanse and exfoliate the skin to remove dirt and remove dead cells. To do this, obviously I recommend our RESET cleanser , which leaves your skin juicy and keeps its natural pH in balance.
  4. Just as I recommend that you eat fruits and vegetables, I recommend that you do the same for your skin. The first step after cleansing will be to nourish the skin. That is, feed him. With The Potion, our nourishing serum , which contains a powerful cocktail of 15 essential oils that does it from the depths . (Unlike the ones you've drunk this summer ­čśë ). And it also helps with wrinkles.
  5. Finally, hydration . The synonym of drinking water for your skin is our All Terrain, a moisturizing cream with (among others) aloe vera juice, which regenerates, and apricot kernel, which softens and revitalizes the skin.

That's it for my (basic) tips so that when you return to your routine you look (and see) better than ever . Are you going to try it?


ps: If you don't know our products, the best way to do so is through the Discovery Kit . You can try them at a reduced price and since we know you are going to love them, we will refund the full amount on your next purchase . We are practically giving it to you.

September 03, 2023