We are clear that being respectful of what surrounds us and consuming minimal resources is a priority.

Backture Organics only makes sense if that's the case. That is why we have adopted principles that we take very seriously.


1. ALL our ingredients are natural , vegetable and, at least, 86% organic. From there up.

This means that all our products are plant and mineral based and therefore vegan . They do not contain any components derived from animals.

In addition, the highest percentage of the ingredients come from organic crops , where they are harvested with environmentally friendly techniques. This is an optimal use of natural resources, where synthetic chemicals have no place.

For its cultivation, chemical substances are dispensed with, such as the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in its process, and it is replaced by compost and fertilizers that are made from organic matter.

We only use raw materials originating in nature and we manufacture exclusively in a laboratory specialized in organic natural cosmetics.


100% natural cosmetics for men - Backture Organics




2. We do not test or test on animals .

This means that we are 100% cruelty free.

We also do not use animal derivatives so our formulas are also 100% plant-based (vegan / plant-based).

We leave out plant sources that are in danger of extinction, and any mineral components that cause any harm to the environment.

*In case you didn't know, on March 11, 2013, a total ban on marketing or selling cosmetics in the EU where the finished product or ingredients have been tested on animals came into force.


3. We don't want to smell artificial perfumes even remotely. So of course we don't use them .

All our aromas are derived from mixtures of the purest vegetable and essential oils.

You will not find parabens, dyes, chemical preservatives, genetically modified ingredients or petroleum derivatives in our formulas.


Men's facial care products - natural and ecological - Backture Organics


4. Our containers are the most sustainable we have found: glass.

100% recyclable, you don't have to worry about where to store them. They preserve the formulas in perfect conditions without temperature or light altering the product.

Ahem… with other packaging this is not so clear.


5. The paper in our boxes is made in Spain with white cotton remains from clothing that is not recycled and corn husks left over from the harvest.

This way we do not consume unnecessary resources.



6. There is no need to go far. All the natural ingredients we use are locally produced and are located a maximum of 1,178 km from you.

We are proud to support nearby projects and not pollute more with transportation.


7. We produce in small runs so as not to accumulate or consume anything we do not need and to guarantee that the product always arrives fresh.


These are our 7 commitments to make our brand as sustainable as possible and generate the least impact on the environment.


Will you join us on this adventure?

October 18, 2023