The skin is the largest organ in the human body and has important functions such as protecting the body from external aggressions, regulating temperature, perceiving touch, pain and pressure, and synthesizing vitamin D.

However, the skin is not the same in all individuals, not even between the two sexes. There are some differences between men's and women's skin that determine their specific needs and care.

Men's skin: characteristics, aging and how to care for it to keep it healthy, soft and beautiful


Characteristics of the male skin

The main substance that influences the characteristics of the male skin is testosterone, a male sex hormone that gives distinctive features, both on the face and on the rest of the body. Being fattier, thicker and aging in a different way than women.

In fact, men's skin is approximately 20% thicker and contains more collagen and elastin, and therefore the signs of aging take longer to appear.

However, when it occurs, it is faster and more marked, since the loss of collagen and elastin is more abrupt and the wrinkles are deeper and more visible.


Men's skin: characteristics, aging and how to care for it to keep it healthy, soft and beautiful


Male skin has more sebaceous glands, which produce sebum, a fatty substance that lubricates the skin and hair. This makes men's skin oilier, with more and larger pores, and more prone to acne and impurities.

Regarding the skin barrier, men's skin has a more acidic pH than women's, which gives greater protection against infections, but can also favor the appearance of some dermatitis.

Finally, one of the most differentiating characteristics of men's skin is that it has more hair follicles, which are what give rise to beard and mustache hair. This appears approximately at 15 years, becoming shaving is the number one aggressor in men's skin irritation.


Aging on male skin

Skin aging is a natural process that occurs due to the passage of time, as well as the action of external factors such as the sun, pollution, tobacco, alcohol, stress and diet.

It is true that aging occurs later than in women's skin, because men's skin is thicker and has more collagen and elastin, which give more resistance, and delay the appearance of wrinkles.


Men's skin: characteristics, aging and how to care for it to keep it healthy, soft and beautiful


However, when it occurs, it is faster and more marked than that of women, since the loss of collagen and elastin, which begins between the ages of 25 and 30, is more abrupt and the wrinkles are deeper and more visible. 

In addition, the aging of men's skin is also influenced by shaving, which is a constant aggression that can cause irritation, dryness, dehydration and sensitivity to the skin, especially in the cheek and neck area.

Although we have to say that wrinkles are natural and part of your life experience, it is not something you should fear. No matter how much they tell you, wrinkles cannot be eliminated, but they can be treated, since they do not look the same on healthy and hydrated skin as on a neglected one.

Men's skin care

Men's skin, like women's, needs specific care to keep it healthy, clean, hydrated and protected. Cleansing, hydration, choosing the right products and textures, as well as maintaining a proper shaving routine are key to keeping skin healthy, soft and beautiful.

1. Daily cleaning

Perform daily facial cleansing with specific products for the face that eliminate excess oil, impurities and dead cells, and respect the skin's pH.

Forget about hand soap, it is generally abrasive and ends up completely sweeping away the organisms that act as a barrier and protect the face. Hence that feeling of tightness and itching.

We recommend using RESET, our organic facial cleanser for men, formulated with natural ingredients from organic farming.

It contains lavender hydrolate, which, having a pH similar to that of the skin barrier, keeps it in balance. Keeping the skin soft, healthy and hydrated.

In addition, cedar disinfects the skin, eliminating toxins and promoting circulation. In addition to providing a deep relaxing herbal aroma.

Plant origin glycerin provides moisturizing and skin-protective properties. Helping to maintain hydration and mitigate dermatological problems such as acne or dermatitis.


Men's skin: characteristics, aging and how to care for it to keep it healthy, soft and beautiful

Just apply a small amount to wet face, massage gently and rinse with warm water. You will see how your skin is clean, soft and without a feeling of tightness.

2. Light and low-fat textures

It is important that you choose products with a light texture and little oil, that are absorbed quickly and do not leave a sticky or shiny sensation on the skin.

To do this, look for products that contain natural, plant-based and organic ingredients. As they do not contain synthetic chemicals, are absorbed instantly and the skin benefits from all its nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Some ingredients such as Apricot Kernel, a very penetrating, nourishing botanical active ingredients, that deeply hydrate, providing light to dull and withered skin without leaving excess oil. Thanks to its light and light texture.


3. Shaving routine

Shaving after a shower can help reduce skin irritation. After going through the warm water, the skin is softer and the pores are more open, the hair therefore softens slightly, this will make it less difficult for you to shave.

Using a clean, sharp blade or razor to shave along with a balm or gel will help keep the skin more lubricated and reduce irritation.

Finally, the use of an aftershave is essential to repair the skin irritation and keep it healthy. This is the number 1 cause of irritation on your face and an aftershave is the only one capable of immediately relieving discomfort, even if you have sensitive skin.


Men's skin: characteristics, aging and how to care for it to keep it healthy, soft and beautiful


In your skin care routine for men, you need a soothing, healing and regenerating aftershave that provides freshness, closes pores and disinfects possible wounds.

THE POTION multifunction nourishing serum, helps you soothe sensitive and irritated skin after shaving, thanks to the more than 15 botanical active ingredients with a dry texture and rapid absorption found in its formula.

Among them, St. John's Wort and Cypress, which help the skin to heal and regenerate after shaving irritation, reducing wounds and disinfecting them. Sandalwood, which calms, repairs and softens the skin, and jojoba, which prevents folliculitis or, more clearly, the appearance of pimples after shaving.

4. Daily hydration

The skin, like the rest of the body, needs hydration. Therefore, using a moisturizer daily is essential to make your skin look firm, soft and beautiful.

Hydration is essential to prevent dryness, peeling, irritation and wrinkles, and to improve the skin's protective barrier.

To hydrate your skin, we recommend using the ALL TERRAIN anti-aging moisturizing cream, which contains aloe vera juice, grape seed and apricot kernel, three natural ingredients that deeply hydrate and regenerate the skin. You just have to apply a small amount on your clean face and spread it in circular and upward movements. You will notice how your skin is hydrated, soft and shine-free.


In conclusion, using facial care products or maintaining a skincare routine for men that protects, hydrates and regenerates the skin daily is essential to keep it healthy, soft and beautiful.

Using products designed and formulated for men's skin make a difference. Shaving is one of the main aggressors of the skin, and taking into account that men's skin is thicker and more sebaceous, taking care of it with products that are designed for the needs and characteristics of men's skin is essential to obtain the greatest benefits possible.

March 03, 2024