When you become an adult you have to learn tricks that you didn't know would save you from more than one. And no, I'm not talking about knowing martial arts or acrobatics in the purest Chuck Norris style.

You surprise yourself when one day cleaning the kitchen because someone is coming and you know the lemon trick. Which is used to thoroughly clean the oven, the hob, the sink and while you're at it, make juice for the gin and tonic afterwards.

But isn't it fantastic that that one lemon has served you for 4-5 different actions?

It's a bit of a silly example, I know. But in this life we ​​have to look for things that make our daily lives easier, and if it is also multipurpose, then all the better.

This is the case of THE POTION, our nourishing serum .

And what started out as a formula designed for after shaving has become a multi-use product.



We have already told you on more than one occasion that The Potion helps you heal, balance and calm the skin after shaving, but we have not told you that it also:

  • It can be very good for you if you have a short beard . To keep it soft and pleasant.
  • And while you're at it, to nourish the chin/skin under the short beard that sometimes flakes, itches and is uncomfortable.
  • When you don't have hair , to keep the head area balanced and protected (no shine). And avoid getting pimples (when you wear hats or put on other creams that clog your pores).
  • Take care of the scalp to avoid flaking . Yes, those little flakes that your head releases from time to time (be careful, not to be confused with dandruff).
  • I could give you some other use, but I'll leave that to your imagination. The sky is the limit , as they say.

For all of them, a couple of drops will help you.

Remember that it is a 100% natural product and with a high percentage of organic ingredients, so it penetrates very well, leaving the area soft and pleasant.

Discover it here.

October 17, 2023