We return with volume II of our Inspiring Men section.

Where we explore and learn about how other men live, how they take care of themselves, what they do to have such an inspiring lifestyle. And we present them to you in interview format.

In the first volume we met Miguel Balliache, a plastic artist dedicated to painting and ceramics. If you missed it, you can read his interview here.

Today we are joined by Manuel Alesanco , creative and adventurous who lives from his passion; photography , hand in hand with travel . A freelance job that he does full-time after he left his job at a large Spanish consulting firm in February 2022.

Interview with Manuel Alesanco by Backture Organics - Inspiring Men Vol. II

In summer visiting exotic countries, and in winter capturing the moments of the Formigal ski resort.

Without a doubt, Manu's is a unique and inspiring lifestyle.

Let's get to know it in 7 questions.

1. Tell us who you are and what you do for a living (come on, what you do for a living).

I am a creative and quite restless person, who likes to get involved in new projects and ideas, as well as traveling and meeting new people.

Force myself to leave my comfort zone and often give up that comfort that sleeps us.

I am currently betting on one of my passions, photography that goes hand in hand with travel , a freelance job that I do full time after I left my job at a large Spanish consulting firm in February 2022.

Last year I had the opportunity to do the winter season in a Spanish ski resort as a photographer/content creator and that's where I went.

This year I will repeat it again, since it was a very enriching experience and on top of that it is a job that makes you enjoy the mountains in a different way. Which I love, before being in an office.



2. How does a person who does what you do live? Tell us about your daily life.

In the end, my current life is like a long-distance race, many things you have to pay attention to, hours spent in front of the computer researching places through Google Maps or social networks, updating and improving the web portfolio...

My daily life changes a lot from winter to summer , from November to April in the mountains and the rest of May to October I spend traveling, in the city and with the wedding season, so it is difficult to keep routines.

What I do do is listen to myself , I like to eat what I need and not get stuffed, I avoid eating out of gluttony and I usually cook when I can... oh and I am crazy about infusions, mainly ginger, lemon and pennyroyal-mints (in season winter every afternoon and evening). This is something that purifies very well and helps the body eliminate toxins.

I try to move daily and do physical activities throughout the year, getaways to the mountains, hiking routes and make many plans with my friends and family. Life has taught me that you have to take advantage of the moment because you never know which one will be the last one you live with them.

An essential for my daily life has been the All Terrain cream , since during the ski season the face is what I expose the most to the sun and inclement weather and the truth is that it has worked wonderfully for me.


Inspiring Men Interview Vol. II with Manuel Alesanco - Backture Organics


3. What does the perfect day look like for you?

Waking up with the first light of the sun, showering with warm water, having a hot cup with views of nature , going out to take photos until the sun sets, enjoying the sunset on top of a mountain , coming home to make dinner and watch a movie.


4. What do you value most in your daily life?

Be rested, to be 100%


5. What does taking care of yourself mean to you and how do you do it?

Taking care of myself is listening to myself , seeing how I feel, eating just enough and necessary, walking and sunbathing.

But above all, rest well , since I am very restless and nervous it takes a lot of toll on me and I usually sleep poorly.

I started doing yoga this summer and do full exercises daily that don't take up much of my time.

Another thing I do when I need to clear my head is take the motorcycle and go for a ride without a destination or anything, wherever the road takes me.


6. What are your main passions and how do you cultivate them?

  • Photography , which I cultivate with different projects facing new challenges, travel photography books, content creators, YouTube and meeting new people in the sector.
  • Nature , I am a bit of an aquarium geek and I have an aquarium at home in which I recreate an ecosystem with fish and natural plants as a biotope (although now as a freelancer I can no longer pay much attention to it), also with books and YouTube . I also really like the world of plants and animals , I am in charge of maintaining my garden and seeing how it evolves, I enjoy observing how everything behaves as a whole and its sounds.
  • Travel , this part always requires a lot of research in relation to the whole world in general, searching, looking, reading, maps... then they are left somewhat chewed up in case I feel like going with an already advanced base.
  • Physical activity , I really like walking, practicing skiing for 6 months is something that leaves you in good shape since I also need to enjoy it, if not, I can't. That's why the gym is not for me. I push myself to the limit with outdoor mountain activities mainly, which I end up exhausted but "at ease." You notice your entire body.



Quick questions:

    1. A book: EARTH - Eloy Moreno
    2. A special place: Pyrenees
    3. Your latest discovery: Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia
    4. One garment: Fleece lining
    5. An object: Camera
    6. Favorite app: YouTube
    7. Your greatest adventure: coming now in October, Oman



Where can our readers find out more about you?

At www.manualeso.com or my instagram @manualeso

October 15, 2023