Starting a new men's cosmetic routine is never easy. Nor is it trying new products without knowing if you will like them or if they will be good for you.

Surely on more than one occasion you have bought a garment that did not fit you well even though it was your taste and size. Or you have bought that wine that your friend “the one who knows about wines” so recommends, only to end up disappointed.

In some cases, you can always return that item of clothing and in the case of wine, you leave it for mixing or for emergency days when there is nothing else in the fridge. But you can't shake the feeling of frustration.

We know this, because it has also happened to us on more than one occasion. And it is frustrating not to hit the right key or not get it right the first time. Especially if it's about your skin and your appearance (and of course, your money).

Changing facial care products or trying new men's cosmetics is sometimes a tedious process, and you almost stick with the usual to avoid taking risks (even if it doesn't work for you).

Men's cosmetics, men's cosmetics, men's skincare. Avoid the frustration of finding the perfect men's facial care routine for you

If you have been wanting to have a skincare routine for men that really takes care of your skin for a long time . With natural ingredients that protect, hydrate and care for your skin from the deepest layers, but you are dizzy (or rather lazy) to get into it, we have come to save you.

We have gone through that process and ended up creating our own 100% natural men's cosmetics, because we couldn't find one that met our high standards .

How does it sound to discover your new men's cosmetics routine , which also gives you money back for your next purchase? Just as you hear it!

We want to make it easy for you, that's why we created the Discovery Kit . A skincare discovery set for men, formulated with natural and organic ingredients. Cosmetics formulated for men's skin.

Men's cosmetics, men's cosmetics, men's skincare. Avoid the frustration of finding the perfect men's facial care routine for you

You might wonder what the Discovery Kit men's cosmetic discovery set includes. Well, all this:

3 facial care products

This kit includes the 3 products you need to care for men's skin, in mini format.

  • A RESET cleaner (5ml)
  • A nourishing serum THE POTION (5ml)
  • An ALL TERRAIN moisturizing cream (5ml)


The Discovery kit includes a card with the step-by-step instructions for a facial routine for men.

Also information about the ingredients of each men's cosmetic product, and a QR to its page so you can consult what you need.

aluminum case

You will receive your Discovery kit in a reusable aluminum can, ideal for taking on a trip, to the gym or storing whatever you want.

It includes a cotton bag that protects men's cosmetic products and that you can also reuse.

Men's cosmetics, men's cosmetics, men's skincare. Avoid the frustration of finding the perfect men's facial care routine for you

With this men's cosmetics set you can try and experience the effectiveness of the botanical active ingredients of our 3 star products on your skin.

We will fully refund your amount in the form of a discount code for your next purchase. You can use it in any of the normal size products or routines .

So you can try the products and experience their effectiveness with complete peace of mind.

If I decide to buy the skincare discovery set for men, how does the Discovery kit work?

01. Buy the Discovery Kit

Delight yourself and enjoy your new men's cosmetics routine. Experience the power of botanical active ingredients on your skin.

02. Receive your discount

We will send you an email with your exclusive code for purchasing the Discovery Kit, so you can enjoy it in normal-sized products.

03. Get into your new routine

Enter your exclusive code and receive €37 off. You can use it in any of the Backture Organics products and facial routines for men.

Finally get your definitive skincare routine for men thanks to the Discovery Kit . A facial routine for men with which you will obtain the benefits of the highest quality organic cosmetics on your skin.

For younger, healthier, softer and more beautiful skin in just 3 minutes a day .

May 10, 2024