Noticeable. Starting your mornings without running is another story.

This, which seems like something insignificant, sets your mood for the rest of the day.

Think for a moment what your day is like when the alarm clock doesn't ring, you fall asleep and wake up stressed.

Now compare it to starting the day calmly, with time to have breakfast calmly and without rushing.

Nothing to see, right? I wish every day were like this.

Unfortunately, it is not usual. At least not from Monday to Friday. 5 minutes in the morning are gold.

Therefore, today I share with you the 5 tricks that I use to save 20 minutes in the morning, take control of my time and start the day without rushing.

I hope you find it useful:

1.Prepare what you need for the next day the night before . The clothes you are going to wear, the food container, the hard drive that you cannot forget.

Or, at least, make a mental list to go for it.

Checking the weather forecast prevents you from having to improvise your shoes at the last minute, looking for an umbrella and deciding whether today it is better to get around by bike or by subway.

Saving time: 10 minutes

2. Ignore the phone .

Opening social networks or WhatsApp as soon as you wake up takes you into a bottomless pit that steals your time without realizing it.

It's not just a clock issue, but an energy issue.

Also avoid TV and the computer. Instead, listen to the radio, put on a podcast, or take the opportunity to read the newspaper or the pages of a book.

Saving time: 10 minutes


3. Drink a glass of cold water . That simple and cheap.

A simple glass of cold water just woken up your body, gives a boost to your metabolism and, therefore, your energy.

In addition, it prepares you for better digestion during the next 24 hours.

Saving time: 5 minutes

4. Set a fixed time to leave the house or start work.

Setting goals helps you achieve them. Sometimes, flowing too much can lead to over-lengthening.

Saving time: At least 5 minutes


5. Spend 5 minutes meditating, doing yoga, a short stretching or exercise routine, or breathwork .

Although at first this may seem like an investment of time that you can save, the reality is that any of these practices make you function better and think more clearly the rest of the day.

You will procrastinate less, you will be more productive, you will feel more agile and everything will work better.

Saving time: 10 minutes


I hope these tricks help you improve your mornings and enjoy them.


Have a nice day,



PS: Skipping your care routine is not an option, simplifying it to the essentials is. You know, simple is what works best.

February 12, 2023