In a fast world like ours, English abbreviations surround us and we have internalized them.

So much so that we bet you are more used to them than you think.

Do you dare to check it out?

It's simple, we give you acronyms and you just have to think if you know the answer or not.

Below you will find the result in case you want to check it.

- If I tell you that I have sent you a "DM" , what do you get from me?

- Do you need to respond when you receive an email that only says "FYI" ?

- Is it normal for someone to throw a "GTG" at you and go so wide?

- If you are at work, what should you NOT do if they send you a message with an "NSFW" ?

- Where should you look if I tell you to check the INCI ?

We are going to help you with this.

INCI is the most important cosmetic abbreviation and acronym for " International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient " .

So that we understand each other, the list of ingredients that any cosmetic product must include on its label.

Did you know the term? The topic is interesting.

We will talk another day about specific components, which are the most powerful and which you should avoid as a soul that leads to the devil.

For now, the important thing is that you learn these fundamental keys about the INCI to understand and choose the products you apply to your face and body with knowledge of the facts:

1. The names of the components are always written in English . It is required by law.

In the case of botanical ingredients , like ours, we must use Latin as the language—do you remember rosa rosae rosam? Well that — and the scientific name of the species.


2. The ingredients are ordered from greatest to least present in the formula .

So the first ones that you see in the list are present in a higher percentage in the product - normally between 70% and 80% - and the last ones in a minimum percentage.


3. In natural cosmetics, an asterisk next to the component (*) means that it is organic .

If it has two (**), it is indicating that it is an ingredient obtained naturally from organic essential oils .


4. Avoid parabens (you will recognize them by their ending -paraben), silicones , sulfates , aluminum and petroleum derivatives.

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Here are the answers to the game:

If I tell you "DM" , it means you have a private message ( Direct Message).

When you receive an “FYI” (For Your Information) in an email, someone simply wants you to be aware of specific information. You don't need to respond.

A " GTG" ( Go to go) is a "I have to go" and a " NSFW" ( Not Suitable For Work) is a "better not see this at work" because the content is not suitable to open in the environment labor.

March 06, 2023