I know it's tempting.

You get up in the morning just in time, you go through the razor at full speed and the aftershave thing seems like a procedure that makes you more lazy than anything else.

So you decide to save it.

Meeec! Big mistake.

Surely your father told you the day you learned to shave: "after using the blade or razor, aftershave is essential ."

Because? Well, because shaving is the number 1 cause of irritation on your face and this product is the only one capable of immediately relieving discomfort, even if you have sensitive skin.


the importance of aftershave for healthy skin

Do you need more compelling reasons to incorporate it into your routine? We give them to you:

  • Disinfect cuts and small wounds that you may have received.
  • It soothes and hydrates the skin, regenerating its natural protective layer (known as the lipid mantle) and restoring its flexibility and smoothness.
  • Stops the spread of bacteria .

Seriously, aftershave is as inevitable as hydrogen peroxide when you get a wound. Above all, because not using it can have consequences and give you problems.

How is it used (well)?

  1. Wash your face with cold water after shaving to close the pores.
  2. Dry yourself with a towel – that you use exclusively for your face – WITHOUT rubbing, just giving small touches.
  3. Take 4 drops of your aftershave product and warm it up by rubbing the two palms of your hand together.
  4. Apply gently with the palms of your hands to the cheeks, forehead, chin and neck.

Let me recommend ours to you. Not because of us, but because, it is not a typical aftershave, but a nourishing serum that provides much more.

It makes your skin feel good instantly. It calms, soothes immediately and leaves your face soft, smooth and nourished.

In addition, when you decide to grow a 5-day beard, it also serves to hydrate it and the chin area (which often becomes dry and flaky).



Its texture is quality oil. Sorry, very high quality. Yes, in this, as in everything, the difference is noticeable.

If not, think about the best Orbea MTB bike and the cheapest one from Decathlon.

Do they serve the same purpose? Yeah.

They are equal? Nothing to see. You will notice the difference very quickly.

The Potion heals, protects and helps you look younger and healthier while treating your skin from within with visible short-term results.

Believe me, its name is no coincidence.

October 11, 2023