We are clear that being respectful of what surrounds us and consuming minimal resources is a priority. As well as protect and preserve what is ours.

This project only makes sense if that is the case. For this reason, at Backture Organics from the beginning we decided to bet heavily on what is ' made in Spain '.


  • Our products are formulated and manufactured in a laboratory specialized in organic cosmetics in the rural area of ​​the province of Toledo.
  • The paper in our boxes is made in Madrid with white cotton remains from clothing that is not recycled and corn husks left over from the harvest. This way we do not consume unnecessary resources.
  • No need to go far. All the natural ingredients from organic farming that we use are nationally produced . We are proud to support nearby projects and not pollute more with transportation.

These are some of our commitments to make our brand as sustainable as possible and generate the least impact on the environment. Supporting in turn the national economy.

October 12, 2023