Have you ever tried polishing your car without first putting it through the car wash? To scrub without sweeping? To wax the surfboard, without having removed the dirt from the previous time?

It doesn't seem logical at all, right. Shine the car when it's full of mud? Who would think of it? It would be nothing more than retaining and generating one more layer of dirt.

Well, let me tell you, that 's what you do to your face when you simply apply creams, but don't clean it first . How are you staying? Seen this way, it looks clearer, right?

Think about how many times a day you touch your face (if you have never been aware of it, I can tell you that according to this study , between 300-500 times ).

You run your hand over your forehead, stroke your beard, or rest your cheek on your fist. All this after messing with your cell phone, keys, elevator buttons, gym weights... you get the idea, right?

All that dirt gets stuck on your face.

Hence that uncomfortable feeling that you may experience as the day ends. With itching included.

The importance of men's facial cleansing

To have healthy and beautiful skin, everything goes through the first step (like everything in this life); Cleaning. Some time ago Naiara told me a phrase that has stuck in my mind “ without cleanliness, there is no beauty ”. And how right.

Obviously I recommend our RESET facial cleanser , with a soapy texture and woody forest aroma. 100% natural and with 86% of its ingredients from organic sources.

  • It helps you eliminate impurities and balances your skin's oil without irritation thanks to lavender hydrosol , which cleans pores and regulates excess sebum, while relaxing and balancing the skin. Maintaining the natural pH.
  • The cedar that eliminates toxins, disinfects and promotes blood circulation.
  • And lemon essential oil , which provides its antibacterial, antiseptic and capillary protective power . In addition to a pleasant sensation of freshness.



This key step may have been the culprit for not looking your best for years. I know, I've been through it too. And I also know that it's lazy to clean your face at night or as soon as you wake up. But once it becomes routine, you won't be able to live without it.

That feeling of freshness revitalizes you in the mornings and calms you at night (almost even hooks you).

October 25, 2023