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In this post we will talk about the ecosystems that exist in Spain. On October 18, the world day for the protection of nature is celebrated.

Throughout the world there are different ecosystems, today we will differentiate the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems of Spain.

I would define an ecosystem as an environment with specific circumstances where the fauna and flora have adapted to said environment and develop life cycles interacting with each other.

People also adapt to our environment and develop cycles based on the circumstances around us. We are able to live in different environments. We adapt quickly. Animals and plants, on the other hand, take longer, their evolution to adapt to drastic changes is slower than ours, hence the importance of caring for the ecosystems of each place.

You see, ecosystems need BALANCE, without that balance the inhabitants of that ecosystem will be in danger. They will adapt, yes, but during this process the population of certain animals and plants will decrease. They will develop strategies to survive the new conditions but meanwhile the ecosystem will be threatened and that long-awaited balance will disappear for a few years.

Therefore, if the ecosystems become unbalanced, our surroundings will also be affected and therefore our lives as well. I do not want to go into topics such as climate change or other topics that lead us to a very long debate, I just want to give importance to the balance that we need to be able to develop a full life and this happens by taking care of the different ecosystems that coexist with us.

I leave you some small diagrams of the ecosystems that we have in Spain:

Terrestrial ecosystems
Aquatic Ecosystems


Link to the page of the Government of Spain with maps and information on ecosystems .

October 18, 2022