Do you have oily skin and don't know how to take care of it? Are you bothered by shine, open pores and pimples that appear on your face? Do you want to show off healthy, clean and balanced skin without giving up natural skin?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this article is for you. In it, we are going to explain everything you need to know about oily skin in men , its causes, its consequences and, most importantly, how to treat it naturally with the right products.

Keep reading and discover how to care for and control oily skin in men with a simple, effective and skin-friendly men's cosmetics routine.

What is oily skin and why does it occur?

Oily skin is a type of skin that is characterized by having excess sebum production by the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for lubricating and protecting the skin.

In men, this is very common, since male skin has more sebaceous glands, which are the ones that produce sebum. This makes men's skin oilier, with more and larger pores, and therefore more prone to acne and impurities.


Men's cosmetics, men's cosmetics, men's skincare. How to care for and control oily skin in men. A guide to treating it naturally


Sebum is a fatty substance that helps maintain hydration and elasticity of the skin, but when it is produced in excess, it can cause some problems such as:

  • Shine : Sebum accumulates on the surface of the skin, creating a shiny and greasy appearance, especially in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin).
  • Enlarged pores : Sebum mixes with dead cells, dirt and bacteria, clogging pores and making them more visible.
  • Acne : Sebum and bacteria can inflame the pores, forming comedones (black or whiteheads), papules (red pimples) or pustules (pimples with pus).

Oily skin can have different causes , some of which can be controlled and some of which cannot. Among the most common causes are:

  • Genetics : oily skin can be hereditary, that is, it is transmitted from parents to children. If your parents or family members have oily skin, you are more likely to have it too.
  • Hormones : Oily skin is usually related to hormonal changes, which affect the functioning of the sebaceous glands. For example, during puberty, adolescence or stress, there is an increase in the hormone testosterone, which stimulates sebum production.
  • Diet : Diet can also influence oily skin, since some foods can promote sebum production or cause inflammation. These include fatty, fried, processed, sugary, spicy or gluten-containing foods.
  • Climate : Oily skin can vary depending on the season of the year or where you live. In general, heat, humidity and pollution can aggravate oily skin, as they stimulate the sebaceous glands and make it difficult to remove impurities.
  • Life habits : some lifestyle habits can harm oily skin, such as tobacco, alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle or lack of sleep. These habits can alter the balance of the skin, generate free radicals and promote premature aging.


Men's cosmetics, men's cosmetics, men's skincare. How to care for and control oily skin in men. A guide to treating it naturally


How to take care of a man's oily skin?

To take care of a man's oily skin, you must follow some basic steps that will allow you to clean, hydrate and protect your skin, and avoid the most common problems of this type of skin, such as shine, enlarged pores, acne or acne. irritations.

These are the steps you must follow:

Daily cleaning

Cleanse the skin twice a day , in the morning and at night, with a specific product for oily skin, which eliminates excess sebum, impurities and bacteria that accumulate on the surface of the skin, and leaves it clean and fresh, without drying or irritating it.

We recommend our RESET men's facial cleanser , with a soapy texture, which eliminates impurities and balances skin oil without irritation.

It contains among its ingredients cedar essential oil, a natural ingredient from organic farming that disinfects the skin, eliminating toxins and promoting circulation . Accompanied by glycerin of plant origin that helps maintain hydration and mitigate dermatological problems such as acne or dermatitis. The lavender hydrolate in its formula, having a pH similar to that of the skin barrier, keeps it in balance, keeping the skin soft, healthy and hydrated.

This facial cleanser for men balances the PH of your skin, regulates excess sebum, treats acne and clogged pores and improves your facial circulation. You will look better from day one and others will notice.


Men's cosmetics, men's cosmetics, men's skincare. How to care for and control oily skin in men. A guide to treating it naturally



Moisturize the skin after each cleansing , with a moisturizing cream for men, which provides the necessary hydration to the skin. It is important that it be light and non-comedogenic , that is, that it does not add oil or clog pores, and that it is absorbed quickly without leaving a sticky or heavy feeling on the skin.

We suggest our ALL TERRAIN, a men's moisturizing cream suitable for oily skin that, thanks to its light formula, is absorbed instantly; It is noticed, but not felt.

Contains Apricot Kernel, a natural ingredient rich in Vitamin A that deeply hydrates without leaving excess fat, thanks to its light and airy texture . Its base is organic aloe vera juice , which provides powerful antibacterial and antibiotic properties, being especially recommended for acne-prone skin.

Thanks to this cream, you get a good-looking effect without shine, ideal for an active lifestyle. All terrain, the anti-aging moisturizing cream for men It gives your skin a healthy and rejuvenated appearance, repairs it and restores its elasticity and softness. You will finally be able to control oil and redness. And it also offers you advanced cellular protection, helping to delay the signs of aging.


Men's cosmetics, men's cosmetics, men's skincare. How to care for and control oily skin in men. A guide to treating it naturally


With the Daily Essentials men's cosmetics duo , you can perform the two essential steps in the facial care routine for men with oily skin, to look good every day; cleansing + hydration.

With this duo of facial cleanser and moisturizing cream you get the base for a clean, hydrated and soft face . A basic in the men's cosmetic routine.

The organic and chemical-free ingredients help your skin perform its function correctly, allowing your skin to breathe and look young and attractive. Eliminating excess fat and controlling its generation. At the same time leaving it smooth and hydrated.

The Daily Essentials men's cosmetic routine pack includes: the RESET organic facial cleanser and the ALL TERRAIN men's moisturizing facial cream , for balanced skin.

The botanical active ingredients with which this skincare pack for men is formulated are the purest and most respectful of your skin that nature provides us.

The facial care pack for men that accompanies you in your daily life, for a clean, hydrated and soft face.

May 27, 2024