The beard is a symbol of masculinity and style, but it can also be a challenge for the skin underneath. If you are a man with a short beard, it is crucial to pay attention to the skin that is hidden under your facial hair.

Dryness, flaking and irritation are common problems that can affect the skin under the beard , due to its lack of oxygenation due to the influx of hair.


Men's cosmetics, men's cosmetics, men's skincare. How to care for the skin under a short 5-day beard to avoid dryness


To take care of the skin under your short beard and avoid itching caused by irritation and peeling, there are several things you can do:

Deep cleaning

  1. Wash your beard and skin with a soft gel . A facial cleanser like RESET can help you with both your beard and your skin. Make sure to massage gently to also reach the skin under your beard and remove any buildup of dirt from both.
  2. Exfoliate : Use a gentle facial scrub to remove dead skin cells. This will help prevent peeling and keep pores clear.

Intense Hydration

  1. Oil or serum : Apply a few drops of oil to nourish both the skin under the beard and the beard itself. THE POTION nourishing serum contains sesame seed and jojoba among its ingredients, which are ideal for hydrating and softening the skin (and beard).
  2. Moisturizing Cream : After applying the oil, use a light moisturizing cream that penetrates the deepest layers without leaving a greasy feeling. ALL TERRAIN, our anti-aging moisturizing cream is perfect for this. Thanks to the lignin enzyme in aloe vera juice, it penetrates the skin up to 3 times more than water, producing a pleasant sensation of relief on the skin. In addition to Hamamelis that relieves itching or itching, protecting the skin and preventing it from losing hydration.

Regular Maintenance

  1. Beard Trimming : Keep your beard well trimmed to allow the products to properly penetrate the skin beneath it.
  2. Facial Massage : Perform a gentle facial massage with your fingertips every time you apply products, to stimulate blood circulation and keep skin healthy.

Remember that consistency is key.

By following these basic steps, you'll notice smoother skin, less flaking, and a healthier beard. Your skin will thank you!

May 22, 2024