I summarize the conversation I had the other day with my friend Iñigo:

- But how am I going to turn 40 something if I was recently turning 25?

This is what Iñigo, my childhood friend, told me when a few days ago I called him on the phone to congratulate him on his birthday.

It is easy to feel dizzy as time passes by. More than easy, I think the word is human.

The headline of an interview with Antonio Banderas a few days ago in El País sums it up perfectly: "It bothers me a lot to have to die."

It is a fact. When you finally start to like yourself and you like your life, you have to accept that the years go by too quickly .

The fact is that that comment from the birthday boy has caused me to repeat the same question over and over again:

How can I stretch the gum to make time pass slowly?

I'll bet you what you want that you also know the theory very well.

Trying to live slower and make every day count .

There is no other.

The challenge, of course, is to put it into practice.

As an action plan I have made a list to keep on hand and take the matter very seriously.

I'll leave it here in case it's good for you to remember it too:

  • Start crossing dreams off the “to-do” list . Really, not in a "just like that" way, you understand what I mean. Schedule them. With day and time to fulfill them.
  • Stop thinking that having a birthday means spending Sundays at home watching Netflix and forget about imposed commitments . Commit ONLY to what you want (and that is worth it).
  • Invest time outdoors and in what makes you VIBRATE. Spread love with the people who make your heart happy and set challenges that invite you to improve yourself.
  • SIMPLIFY as much as possible. The fewer worries, the better.
  • LIVE slower and your way. The rush of others is that, of others.
  • Choose your battles . Always better quality over quantity and simple over complex.

  • Accepting that time passes is a battle won in advance . Spoiler: the opposite is not going to help you at all.

Pretending to have the same face as you did at 20 is investing time and energy in something that is not going to be.

Does this mean that it is best to throw in the towel and abandon yourself to your fate? Of course not.

You have to learn to grow older with elegance .

How is this achieved? Feeling good about the moment you are in and, of course, TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF .

Listen to me. Wrinkles do not look the same when they are nourished and cared for as they do when their appearance is rough and untreated.

The difference between a person who assumes their age with pride and another who does not have well-cared skin, and the key is to clean your face and moisturize it daily.

At Backture Organics we have THE perfect PACK .

It's called ANTI-AGING DUO , it nourishes and hydrates deeply, prevents dryness and makes the signs of aging take longer to appear and, even if they are there, they don't bother you.

It smells like nature and lets you get on with your life without having to wait for them to be absorbed, because they are not sticky products nor do they cause shine on your face.

Its formula contains avocado, grape and pomegranate seed oil. A powerful combination with which you will notice that your face is firmer.

And yes, of course yes, growing up elegantly like this is easier.

February 05, 2023