We claim the connection with nature

Is there something that always makes you feel good? At us fresh air in the face.


“There has to be something similar for men…”

This is the phrase that started it all.

We were walking in the country, close to home. It was winter and it was cold.

Until then we "shared" creams and beauty routines (yes, in addition to partners, we are a couple). Iñaki began to regret not having his own products and always ending up smelling of roses and jasmine, Naiara that hers would run out prematurely.

So we look for a male version. The requirements? That it was sustainable, that it was made with natural ingredients and that its aromas were masculine.

We didn't find it.

The next thing was a “what if…?”. The rest is history.

Backture Organics has been created over a year and a half based on walks in the fresh air to be the organic men's beauty brand that we were looking for, but could not find.

That being the case, how could it not be linked to nature?


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Before taking this leap into cosmetics, I have worked as a teacher with little people from 3 to 12 years old.

It has been a gratifying job in which feelings and experiences are above content. With joys and tears (of the good ones) daily.

Going to the mountains is my way of reconnecting with nature . Outdoor life makes me aware of myself and my surroundings. It helps me to be in the moment.

I have a mania for...

feel the need to help others, even when it doesn't suit me. I guess it goes in the way of being.

My idea of ​​perfect happiness...

a storm (I don't care if it's summer or snow), dim light, a hot infusion and a person I want by my side.


I will have a field of orange trees.

I don't go to bed without...

do a few stretches, a few breaths and read a few pages of a book.

Limpieza facial para hombre

I landed on organic cosmetics as a disenchanted user of traditional cosmetics. Even though I invested a lot of money, I couldn't find anything I liked, so I decided to stop using it.

Later, I began to "steal" Naiara's creams. I liked its nutrients and benefits for the skin, but the smell and characteristics of the formula were designed for women and I began to need a range of products designed for us.

Naiara Vasallo

I run the creative studio Botánica branding.

I love my job: helping businesses that want to change the world to convey what they are and make their project viable.

How do I get it? Creating the visual personality of the brands to attract the right people.

For this reason, a careful aesthetic is important to me.

I dream with…

a world where businesses that do it right (by this I mean that are conscious, sustainable and respectful) are the norm.

My idea of ​​perfect happiness...

unhurried life, a good book, a lit fireplace, relaxing music and good company. Also an afternoon at the museum or a magazine in a downtown cafeteria watching life go by...


we will build a cabin in the bush surrounded by trees, wild flowers and animals. Without ties or "obligations", in total freedom.

I don't go to bed without...

apply my nightly beauty routine and without reading for a while.

I find beauty in small details and I don't look for perfection.

I have learned to admire everyday things with new eyes: a pink summer sky, a rainy afternoon, the sun in January or the silence of a museum.