We'll start by saying that wrinkles are natural and part of your life experience. It's not something you should fear.

To understand how wrinkles are generated in men's skin, we must first know that testosterone, the male sex hormone, is what gives a different structure to men's skin, both on the face and on the rest of the body. This is much fattier, thicker and ages in a different way than women.

In fact, men's skin is 20% thicker and contains more collagen and elastin, and therefore, the signs of aging take longer to appear.

However, when it occurs, it is faster and more marked, since the loss of collagen and elastin is more abrupt and the wrinkles are deeper and more visible.


How to avoid wrinkles on men's faces; practical tips to treat wrinkles naturally - Backture Organics


That said, and no matter how much they tell you, wrinkles cannot be eliminated, but they can be treated. Since they do not look the same on healthy and hydrated skin as on a neglected one.

Of course, there are several things you can do to improve the appearance of your wrinkles and reduce their marked, rough appearance.

Here our tips to treat your wrinkles naturally;

  • Cleanse your skin daily, both in the morning and at night. Cleansing removes dirt, sebum and impurities that accumulate on the skin. A cleanser that protects the pH level of your skin and the skin barrier without irritation like RESET helps you maintain the natural balance of the skin, taking care of its elasticity.


How to avoid wrinkles on men's faces; practical tips to treat wrinkles naturally


  • Drink water, at least two liters a day. Water is essential to keep skin hydrated, luminous and healthy. It helps eliminate toxins, improve circulation and oxygenate cells. Avoid alcohol and coffee as much as possible, which dehydrate the skin and promote wrinkle formation.

  • Nourishing and hydrating the skin from the inside is key to making your wrinkles look better. It provides water and the necessary nutrients and vitamins, keeping the skin elastic and firm. Our ANTI-AGING DUO facial pack is the perfect routine to take care of mature skin. The synergy of the ingredients of both products creates the perfect duo for men to treat wrinkles, soften them and delay the signs of the passage of time on the face.


How to avoid wrinkles on men's faces; practical tips to treat wrinkles naturally


  • Choose facial products with natural ingredients that help the skin produce collagen, prevent sagging and regenerate tissues. Ingredients like grape seed, that contains Resveratrol, known as the molecule of eternal youth; a natural anti-aging with antioxidant effect that enhances collagen fibers. Aloe vera juice, which thanks to the Lignin Enzyme penetrates the skin up to 3 times more than water, making it especially useful for regenerating tissues. Or pomegranate, that thanks to its high content of Punicic Acid favors the production of collagen, which improves skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Avoid tobacco. It is one of the worst aggressors for the skin. Tobacco reduces blood flow, which prevents the skin from receiving the oxygen and nutrients it needs. In addition, tobacco produces free radicals, which damage collagen and elastin, and promotes the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

  • Sleep well, at least eight hours a day. Sleep is the time when the skin regenerates and repairs itself. If you don't get enough sleep, your skin becomes sagging, dull, and wrinkled. Additionally, lack of sleep increases stress, which also negatively affects the skin.

  • Use sunscreen whenever you have prolonged exposure to the sun. Choose one without chemical filters and a high protection factor, which blocks UVA and UVB rays.


Including an anti-aging treatment for men's skin care is essential because over the years, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and hydration  This causes wrinkles to become more marked and the skin to lose texture, firmness and softness.


How to avoid wrinkles on men's faces; practical tips to treat wrinkles naturally - Backture Organics


An anti-aging treatment for men that includes specific natural ingredients helps it promote the production of collagen that decreases naturally, improving the elasticity of the skin. Showing wrinkles and the passage of time in a careful, soft and attractive way.

An anti-aging treatment for men should start early. Even if you use specific anti-aging creams for men's skin, they are always preventive to improve the appearance of the skin. They don't produce any kind of miracle, but they do help you see yourself (and be seen) better.

According to science, male skin begins to lose collagen between the ages of 25 and 30. This protein that our body produces naturally is essential in keeping skin tissues, its elasticity and hydration in shape.

So although sometimes it seems that an anti-wrinkle treatment is recommended for more mature ages, the idea is to start as soon as possible. An anti-aging treatment for men helps you maintain a good appearance of your skin, softening your wrinkles and improving its appearance.

January 21, 2024