Living our values ​​in a more authentic way.

We were born to create an effective, honest and sustainable beauty brand.

Just because skin is superficial doesn't mean cosmetics is. That's why Backture Organics is a brand with strong values.

Does this sometimes complicate life "a little" for us? Yes, but we don't care.



All our ingredients are 100% natural and locally produced.

We only use the raw materials that nature gives us.

And we are so proud of this that we tell you one by one and transparently what they are and what benefits they have for your skin.

You can read about them here .

We seek an existence full of adventures, but a calm life.

Ours is the active lifestyle.

If the mountain is the place where worries disappear, you like to explore unexplored paths and walk little-trodden paths, welcome. You are one of us.

We are also passionate about traveling, resting in design hotels and getting lost in cities with history.



We are respectful of what surrounds us and we consume the minimum resources.
That is why we have committed ourselves to principles that we take very seriously. If you don't like them, we're sorry, but we don't have others.

You can read more about our commitment to sustainability.

We advocate maximum simplicity.

We are committed to making it EASY. That is why we have simplified the care routine to the maximum: 3 products, simple to use and quick to apply. There are few steps, but effective.


We connect with a current man model. A masculinity of this century.

Our references are kind, honest, vulnerable and empathetic. We believe in an equal society and we only compete with ourselves.

We create limited editions so that the product always stays fresh.

We produce in small and numbered runs. Check it on the label of your Backture product.

November 02, 2022