The rules have changed (good!) and taking care of what is yours, ours and everyone's is non-negotiable. We talk about the planet.

We are clear that being respectful of what surrounds us and consuming the minimum resources is a priority.

This project only makes sense if it is. That's why at Backture organics, we have adopted principles that we take very seriously.


1. ALL our ingredients are natural , plant-based and at least 86% organic. From there up.

What is the difference between natural and organic ingredients? Easy. The latter come from organic farming, while the natural ones come from conventional farming.

What we want to tell you with this is that we only use raw materials that originate in nature .


2. We do not want to smell artificial perfumes even from afar. So of course we don't use them .

Nor parabens, colorants, chemical preservatives, transgenic ingredients or petroleum derivatives.


3. Our containers are the most sustainable that we have found: the glass ones.

100% recyclable, you don't have to worry about where to store them. They preserve the formulas in perfect conditions without temperature or light altering the product.

Ahem… with other packages this is not so clear.


4. We do not test or test on animals .

We also do not use animal derivatives, or plant sources that are in danger of extinction, or mineral components that cause any damage to the environment.


5. The paper in our boxes is made in Spain with remains of white cotton from clothing that is not recycled and leftover corn husks from harvests.

This way we do not consume unnecessary resources.


6. No need to go far. All the natural ingredients we use are locally produced and found within 1,178 km of you.

We are proud to support nearby projects and not to pollute more with transportation.


7. We produce in small batches so as not to accumulate or consume anything we don't need and guarantee that the product always arrives fresh.


These are our 7 commitments so that our brand is as sustainable as possible and generates the least impact on the environment.


Will you join us in this adventure?

September 15, 2022