Happy animal day!

In case you did not know, today, October 4, World Animal Day is celebrated, a date promoted by the World Organization for Animal Protection, with the aim of stopping the extinction of many species .

And it is that, what joy animals bring us! Whether they are friendly or dangerous to us, they all have the right to live. That said, I want to highlight the beauty that animals give off, all of them are beautiful (each in its own way) and above all, NECESSARY.

" We must understand what our place in the world is, since our well-being is completely linked to the well-being of all animals and the environment ". San Francisco de Asís.

All animals are necessary because in every corner of the planet there are an infinity of ecosystems where, together with other actors, animals play a fundamental role. That role is BALANCE .

I invite you to reflect on this word, balance. It's funny, but if you stop to think about it, it's essential to have balance for everything . If the balance is unbalanced to one side or the other, it no longer exists. And here, we are all part of a chain known as the cycle of life, and the destruction of any species creates great havoc in nature.

We need balance in everything around us to feel good. And yes, the skin needs it too. But we are not here today for it. (In another post we will tell you about how to maintain the balance of male skin.)

For this reason, all Backture organics products are formulated with plants , and of course, do not include any ingredients derived from animal origin. For us it is important to select highly effective natural ingredients, without damaging what surrounds us. And this includes animals. We can proudly say that our cosmetics, in addition to being natural and organic, are also vegan. Although you will not see us make much of it, since for us it is the logical thing and the norm by which this industry should be governed.

I want to end this post with a call; Always do it, but if you see an animal today, greet it and let it go on its way! Unless it's the one from home, then you can cuddle it a little (as much as it allows you).

You have a good day.

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These are our beasts:

international animal day

October 04, 2022